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Tips For Beating First-Time Driver Nerves

Do you remember the first time you were behind the wheel and in control of a car?  For the majority of us that moment was filled with a sense of excitement and a feeling of freedom.   If we’re honest, we’d probably also admit to a severe case of the nerves.  Just knowing that you’re totally in control of something that can actually be very dangerous is scary.  Most teenagers are also understandably a little worried about damaging the first car they learn to drive in.

While it’s perfectly natural to be anxious when you’re a first time driver, it can actually make learning the correct driving techniques and rules a lot more difficult.  Confident drivers make the best type of drivers – they get into fewer accidents and have less “close calls” than nervous ones.  Luckily there are some tips to overcoming anxiety and stress when you’re a learner driver.

Become Familiar With Cars

Much of the anxiety associated with driving the first few times is about understanding how cars work.  Being in the driver’s seat is totally unfamiliar to people used to being in the back or passenger seats.   Even just finding out the purpose of each of the dials on the dashboard can be intimidating.driving instructors adelaide

You don’t have to look under the bonnet every time you drive or study car manuals, but it does help to understand the controls, levers and buttons in the manual or automatic car.  Parents or friends can help by providing a few lessons before the practical lessons even begin.  This way, when the learner begins driving lessons with a professional instructor they will be familiar with the basic controls of the car.

Find Experienced Driving Instructors Adelaide

Another tip to make learning to drive less stressful for teenagers is to find a driving instructor who is experienced in dealing with first time drivers.  When you’re learning something important for the first time, there’s nothing worse than feeling as though your teacher is impatient, bored or even just in a bad mood.  Finding a driving school such as Adelaide Learner will help get the first time driver ready for their driving test in a calm, friendly and professional environment.

As one of the State’s most respected driving schools, Adelaide Learner prides itself on:

  • Being professional and patient
  • Making first time drivers feel comfortable and confident
  • Encouraging questions
  • Teaching in a positive manner

Safe Driving – Kim

About Us

The Adelaide Learner Driving School is the creation of Kim Ulreich, a former member of the Royal Australian Navy and professional aviation fire fighter.  He believes in developing not only driving skills among his students, but also safe driving attitudes towards road safety, and he ensures that driver education and road awareness is delivered with prepared and detailed lessons.

If you’re searching for premium, professional driving lessons eastern suburbs Adelaide for you or members of your family then look no further than Adelaide Learner.