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Q & A Pass RAA Drivers Learners Test

How many lessons will it take to get my Driving licence?

This depends on how much time and effort you put in to it. Practice with qualified supervising driver’s like parents/family members and lessons with driving instructor really helps you get your licence sooner; most require 7 to 10 lessons of 90 minutes duration.

What happens if I fail the Theory test?

Don’t waste your money; go in prepared by studying until you can pass the RAA Drivers Learners Test or My Licence Online test’s a couple of times.


How long does my Learner permit last?

2 years from passing the theory test. You will also receive a driving companion to record all your driving hours completed with a qualified driving supervisor.(green section)

Competency Based Driving Instruction?

Competency Based Training & Assessing Also known as the “Log Book method” CBT&A is a structured learner driver training and assessment program taught and assessed only by an accredited driving instructor as set out by the Government standard. Most students’ feel this is the preferred method because ALL training & assessing is completed by the same person! With this method you won’t need to sit a VORT. You are assessed by the accredited instructor you have been taught by.
A government auditor may sometimes be present (same with VORT) but they are there only to oversee the Instructors performance, not the student.

You also have the luxury of a secondary assessment if a road law is broken during the primary assessment!
And all slow speed manoeuvres are completed prior to the final drive assessment drive (task 30)

Yellow section of driving companion book states all the standards for CBT&A


Before you start the vehicle make sure you have:

• A qualified supervising driver/ Driving Instructor next to you?
• Current learner’s permit with you?
• Appropriate foot ware with heel support
• Your log book with you?
• Everyone’s seatbelt on?
• Mobile phones off?

• Your L-plates must be clearly seen from the front and the rear of your car. You must carry your current learner’s permit at all times whilst driving.
• The maximum speed limit is 100km/h where speed signs permit.
• You must not incur four or more demerit points.
• You must not use any type of mobile phone function. Hands free included