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Learning to drive adelaideLearning To Drive Adelaide

Learning to drive is exciting, challenging and ultimately highly rewarding.  As a learner you’re beginning on a journey that will introduce to a number of new skills, knowledge and attributes that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The Right Attitude Makes A Difference

When you’re learning new skills you can approach the process in two ways:  you can either learn the basics and be satisfied, or you can be proactive, learn the skills and become an above average student.  Learning how to drive is no different – your success and ultimately your ability as a driver will depend greatly on your attitude when you are first starting out.

Driving instructors agree that the best type of students are the ones who take an active interest in learning not only about the “mechanics” of driving – things like controlling a car, learning driving strategies and road rules  – but also are keen to learn about more advanced concepts such as defensive driving and risk management strategies.

Many instructors believe that the best place to begin to learn about driving comes from the passenger seat – when you’re in a car watching someone else drive, watching what they do in certain circumstances, asking questions about driving and even “thinking like a driver” by actively engaging in activities such as checking blind spots.

Car And Road Craft

When you do start having driving lessons from a professional driving instructor they will teach you a number of new skills, including both car and road craft, through the manual The Driving Companion (which you receive when you get your Learner’s Permit).

Car craft covers everything to do with learning how to properly control and manage a car.  We’ve all seen those videos of first time drivers hitting the brakes suddenly (or repeatedly) or the car moving forward almost in bunny hops.  Learning how to operate a car smoothly and without sudden unnecessary movements is an important step to being a safer driver.  Many first time drivers also don’t realise that poor driving can lead to significant damage to a car.  Learning how to drive in an efficient and effective manner is something a good driving instructor will be able to teach you.  Mastery of road craft involves car craft as well as a complete understanding of the road rules and laws and being able to apply these in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Professional Driving Instruction

First time drivers should take advantage of the experienced training and knowledge of professional driving instructors.  Wherever possible when looking for an instructor it is worth finding out about their experience (how many years they have been offering lessons), any testimonials from former students, and any other relevant information such as whether they offer defensive driving skills or have First Aid certification.  Many instructors include information about their lessons and their driving methodology online. You can usually either find good local driving schools through word of mouth or check online for driving instructors in your area.

Safe Driving