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Drivers Licence Adelaide Eastern Suburbs What Is The Graduated Licencing Scheme?

The Graduated Licencing Scheme (or GLS) has been introduced by the South Australian government as a way to provide the best possible training process for first time drivers, right through to obtaining their P2 licence.  Learning to drive can be an exciting but also daunting prospect.  The GLS ensures that each driver who successfully gains their full licence has been taken through years of professional and thorough driving instruction.  Each carefully paced phase ensures that drivers are given the necessary skills, experience and knowledge, and driving restrictions are progressively lifted once drivers have passed each stage.

How Does It Work?

From the moment you decide to go for your Drivers Licence in Adelaide Eastern Suburbs you have begun your GLS journey.  Your guide to all things GLS related is called The Driving Companion, and it includes everything you need to know about each stage in the driving scheme as well as a logbook, and a Vehicle On Road Test (“VORT”) and a Competency Based Training (“CBT”) test (the two different methods of moving onto your P1 licence).   It goes without saying that you should keep your copy of The Driver Companion safe and sound!

As a learner driver, you will need to have at least seventy five hours of supervised driving in a number of different driving conditions to be able to take either the VORT or the CBT.  Your chosen driving instructor will be able to help you pick the right method for you.

Once you’ve gained your P1 licence, you can now drive around without a driving instructor or supervised driver.  This is an amazing step, and can be very exciting.  It can also be quite a dangerous stage, and you must remember that you are still subject to a range of P1 licence rules (apart from the normal road rules) including not driving over 100 km per hour or drive after drinking or taking drugs.

Moving onto your P2 licence requires that you have had your P1 licence for a minimum of 12 months (with no loss of demerit points), and you have passed the Hazard Perception Test.  This test has been designed to ensure you can safely and reliably detect dangerous situations and know how to react when faced with a number of different hazards.

Getting your full licence signals the successful conclusion of the GLS.  Once you are on your P2 licence, you may apply for a full licence if you are 19 years or over, have not committed a driving offence and have had your P1 licence for a minimum of 2 years and your P2 licence for a further 6 months.

Important Changes To The Graduated Licensing Scheme

From time to time in the past the GLS has been modified.  Recent updates to the relevant legislation means there will be changes to the GLS that will come into effect for P Plate drivers in 2014.  Any first time driver or those on their P1 or P2 licence should be aware of the changes, which include a number of restrictions on passenger numbers, a curfew for P1 drivers and an extension of the minimum time on your provisional licence from 2 to 3 years before you can get your full licence.  All drivers need to be aware of the new laws so contact your local driving instructor if you would like more information on the upcoming changes.

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