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reasons to choose professional driving instruction

Why Use Professional Driving Instructors –

Parents are often the first to volunteer as instructors when their kids are old enough to learn how to drive.  Having a mother or father (or other family members) willing to give up their time to teach what can be a dangerous and tricky skill is a fantastic idea in theory.  However, there are of number of good reasons why organisations such as the RAA recommend that parents delegate this responsibility to professional driving instructors.  We’re going to look at 3 of the most compelling reasons in this article.

  1. Professional Accreditation

Professional driving instructors have been trained and accredited by the Government.   This means that they are not only experts in the road rules, but they understand how to develop and deliver the best possible training course for learner drivers.  They are taught how to deal with a range of learning styles and personalities, to be patient and at all times professional.   If most parents were really honest with themselves, they’d probably admit that it’s hard to be patient when they’re trying to teach a 16 or 17 year old anything (let alone something as complex as driving).

Professional driving instructors are also trained in the importance of safe driving rules.  A good instructor should be able to pass on skills and a respect for the road rules that will stay with first time learners for life.  How many of us can say that we are perfect drivers, always obeying the road rules?  Despite our best efforts, most of us exhibit bad habits occasionally while driving, such as only using one hand to steer and forgetting to indicate when we change lanes.  This can be disastrous when you’re trying to teach someone else how to drive, as they’re bound to copy what you do.  A driving instructor will teach the correct way to drive from the very beginning of their lessons, leaving little room for bad habits to creep in.

If you’re looking for driving lessons Eastern Suburbs, you should concentrate on those who can demonstrate they have professional driving instructor qualifications from the Government.

  1. Car Safety

When you’re looking for a driving school, you should always find out if the cars they are using have safety features such as dual brake controls, a 5 star ANCAP Safety rating and air bags (because you never know what might happen).   Even the most confident first time driver can make mistakes, and with a dual control car there is little possibility they can get into serious trouble.  Add to that the fact that the family car will be spared the worst of the driving mistakes (including minor dents and scratches, broken mirrors or potential for major damage), and you can see why utilising a driving instructor is important.

  1. Flexibility And Availability

Another reason why first time learners should be enrolled with a professional driving school is simply for the flexibility and availability that such programs offer.  Most driving schools offer convenient pick-up and drop-off from homes, schools or even workplaces.  Good instructors will be flexible and be able to fit in with what can often be a busy schedule for learner drivers – how many parents can say that!  Adelaide Learner Driver’s Education offer lessons 6 days a week, and will even fit in lessons during night time hours if required.

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