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log book or Vort

When you’re learning how to drive, there are two ways you can get your provisional licence in South Australia:  the traditional Vehicle on Road driving test or “VORT”, and the newer competency based system often referred to as the “Log Book Method”.  Both methods have advantages, and you need to think carefully about your requirements and skill levels before choosing one method over the other.  To help you decide, we’ve provided some general information on the two systems.  Keep in mind that whichever method you choose, you must have completed 75 hours of supervised driving before getting your P1 Provisional licence and held your L’s for 12 months.

The Vehicle on Road Test or “VORT”

The VORT method is the more traditional method for getting your licence, and involves a practical driving test conducted by an Authorised Driving Examiner.  The advantage of the VORT system is that it can be quite quick and relatively cheap way to get your Drivers Licence if you are a very confident skilled person.  This is because you can book a VORT after you have passed your L’s test and complete the minimum driving hours.  While it is technically possible to book and complete the test without professional lessons driving, it is highly recommended that you do take some sort of instruction.  The number of driving lessons that you’ll need will depend on your skill level, your technique and your confidence behind the wheel.

The VORT is based on the road rules and skills as set out in the Driving Companion (which you receive once you have passed your L’s test).  The Driving Examiner will test your skills on a predefined VORT route, and based on this test you either pass or fail.  If you do happen to fail, you can book in for another test, but must wait 14 days before taking it.  In this case, it can pay to be prepared before you attempt the test, as the cost of booking numerous tests if you fail the first time can quickly add up.

The “Log Book Method”

The second way to obtain your Driving Licence in South Australia is to follow the Competency Based Training and Assessment method – what’s commonly called the “Log Book Method”.  This has been introduced as a less stressful path to getting a licence.  It involves working with an Accredited Instructor on a course of 30 tasks which must be completed in line with the required standards.  In this way there is no “test” at the end of the course; rather students work through the tasks at their own pace, and can even opt for additional training if they feel they need extra time in one learning area.  Task 30 is similar to a test but it is completed by the accredited instructor you have been taught by. Once you have completed all tasks, this will be recorded in your Drivers Companion and a certificate of competency issued, and you will then be eligible for your P1 licence.

The VORT system can be good for the more confident learners, However the “Log Book Method” can be less confronting than the VORT system, and this “learning over time” approach has been shown to be successful in creating safe and confident drivers.

The staff at Adelaide Learner have years of experience in helping students get their licences using both methods, so choose Us for you Log Book Training or VORT Test Adelaide.