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Finding good driving instructor system car controlUnderstanding The System Of Car Control: Part 1

When you are first learning how to drive there are just so many details, procedures and rules you have to remember. A good driving instructor in Hope Valley, to teach the system of car control is important. Just learning what all the knobs and switches in the car do is challenging enough!  Once you’re more familiar with the basic “mechanics” of driving, you will be introduced to the concept of the “System of Car Control”.  This system has been developed as the safest, most efficient method of driving.  For young drivers, the system can be particularly useful in bringing together all the rules and processes they’ve been learning about into a clearly understandable and practical way of driving and helps move you through the log book.  In part 1 of this article, we’re going to introduce you to the System of Car Control, the methodology behind the system, and why it is considered to be the best way to drive today.  In part 2, we’ll be looking into the specifics of the system and how it can help you to become a better, safer driver.

What Is The System Of Car Control And Where Did It Come From?

The System Of Car Control (“System”) was adopted by the South Australian government (and many other governments all around the world) from the Hendon Police Academy in England in the 1930s.  While there have been other methods tried and tested over the years, the System is still considered to be the best and safest way to drive on today’s roads.  Information on the System is included in the Blue section of The Driving Companion and should be studied carefully.

Essentially the System is a series of steps or a path that drivers should follow in any given situation, while performing a manoeuvre such as overtaking or navigating a roundabout and when faced with a number of various hazards including an accident, a speed bump or a sharp turn.

The System is based on a number of decisions drivers must make, including position on the road, speed and an appropriate course of action depending on the circumstances around them and ahead on the road.  It also teaches young drivers about the potential for danger, and the best way to get out of a dangerous situation or avoid the danger altogether.   It is highly adaptable to all driving conditions and provides the driver with a sequential “drill” framework that is easy to follow and remember.

Why Is The System So Important?

The point of the System is that you learn to follow the correct decision making path without even thinking about it – it becomes second nature.  At some point, after practising for many months you may find yourself following the steps without having to think about it.  This is what makes experienced, older drivers safer and better drivers on the road.  The System also provides a basis for young drivers to learn about defensive driving skills early on in their education.  Choosing a driving instructor that specialises in teaching the System to young drivers is important as it can set them up for a lifetime of safe, thoughtful and effective driving.

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